Never forget that Shawn Carter admitted to plotting on sixteen year old Beyonce Knowles.




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I don’t even know what to choose. Dear God.






She’s magical with the clapbacks

this is why i love erykah

Lol I loooove talkin shit back to people




*gentle gasp*

"dis booty"

so accurate

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Chameleon hatching

humans are fucking pathetic look at this little nigga come out of his egg on his own no crying no helpless “wah wah cut my umbilical cord” bullshit he come out and he already on the hunt for reptilian pussy no fear no games. and we’re the evolved species? smh

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It reminds me of the “bike to work” movement. That is also portrayed as white, but in my city more than half of the people on bike are not white. I was once talking to a white activist who was photographing “bike commuters” and had only pictures of white people with the occasional “Black professional” I asked her why she didn’t photograph the delivery people, construction workers etc. … ie. the Black and [Latin@] and Asian people… and she mumbled something about trying to “improve the image of biking” then admitted that she didn’t really see them as part of the “green movement” since they “probably have no choice” –

I was so mad I wanted to quit working on the project she and I were collaborating on.

So, in the same way when people in a poor neighborhood grow food in their yards … it’s just being poor– but when white people do it they are saving the earth or something.


— comment left on the Racialious blog post “Sustainable Food & Privilege: Why is Green always White (and Male and Upper-Class)” (via meggannn)

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Jessica Williams speaks with Sgt. Jasmine Jacobs about Army regulation AR 670-1

Jessica Williams and Travon (one of the staff writers) do it again!

This is why white women can’t be in the natural hair movement

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Her: Babe i’ve never seen you dance 

Me: Yeah umm you dont want to

Her: Please babe you know i find a man that can dance very sexy 

Me: Alright shit


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do u ever smell weed and wonder where that chill person is

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im out. yall be good


im out. yall be good

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"Yeah, lemme get…"

— Black Proverb on how to order food (via flawlessxqueen)

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